Hello! My name is Ryan Johnson. I am a software developer, photographer, entrepreneur, and computer scientist based in Memphis, TN. I have been coding since I was 14 years old, back when coding wasn’t cool, and photographing with dSLRs since 2008.

Welcome to my personal and professional blog, where I document and discuss software engineering profession and computer science. I have a fascination with Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Design (also called UX/UI Design), as well as the nature of information and knowledge, also called epistemology.

I am a problem-solver. I question tradition and challenge the status quo in my pursuit to find the best answers instead of the easy answers. I firmly believe in and promote solving problems through re-design instead of ad-hoc workarounds and temporary solutions. I think about the following quote often, which I encountered during my time at ALSAC/St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital:

“If you hate it, automate it!”

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My interests span many other areas of science, including genetics, health, biology, psychology, and anthropology, so you may find an occasional random fun topic in those areas.

I own and operate Sophis Tech, my Computer Repair and Gamer service, as well as a partnered venture by the name of JORY Design in Web Design for small businesses.

I am open to work in creative technical fields:

  • Software Development, engineering
  • App Development
  • Product development
  • Web Development
  • Full-stack Development
  • Information Technology (IT) sector
  • Technical writing